Only then I am human
My name is Suus, I am 16 years old and I live in the Netherlands.
Basically, I have a thing for George Blagden and pretty much any role he plays. I got like 18 replies from him on twitter, you know, I think I’m friends with him. (I wish) On this blog you'll find mainly Vikings and Les Mis, but Marvel, Doctor Who, Welcome to Nightvale, Sherlock, After the Dark (the Philosophers), Tom Hiddleston, and probably a bunch of other fandoms I can't remember right now will sneak in. I post a lot of headcanons too.
My ask is always open, feel free to come and stalk me or something, or plot with me or make up headcanons or just if you need somebody to talk to. My blogtitle is usally a reference to my favorite song.